Publications, Conference Presentations, and Other Documents

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How Reading eBooks May Matter May 2008, University of New Hampshire

The Effect of High-Order Learning Games on Problem Solving Ability and Affect Toward Mathematics among College Remedial Pre-Calculus Students December 2007, University of New Hampshire

Chinese Power Learning Games July, 2007, Chinasprout

Player Interaction Patterns and Objective Types and their Effects on Mathematics Learning in a College Remedial Pre-Calculus Class December, 2006, University of New Hampshire

Language Learning Games: Why, When, and How (Table) (December 2005, Southern New Hampshire Univeristy)

Qualitative Study of Student Use of Grades: An Interactive Report (November 2004, Boston College)

Technology Enhanced Assessment Proposal: Technology-Based Formative Assessment in Second Language Learning (May 2004, Boston College)

Technology-Based Formative Assessment in Second Language Learning (Presentation Slides - May 2004, Boston College)

On the use of Rasch modeling in software simulations of computer system administration labs (May 2004, Boston College)

Industry Certification Unidimensionality. Presented at the 2004 annual meeting of the New England Educational Research Organization, Portsmouth, NH.

The “New Bloom's Taxonomy,” Objectives, and Assessments (December 2003, Sun Microsystems)

Evaluation of a Community Chinese Language School using the CIPP Model (December 2003, Boston College)

Level 3 Evaluation Pilot. Presented at the ASTD MA Chapter Meeting, May 2003, Burlington, MA

Beyond Multiple Choice: Computer-Mediated Practices and Assessments to Support Higher-Order Objectives  (October 2001, May 2002, Sun Microsystems)

"Troubleshooting a Computer System: Simulation Assessment" (May 2001, Boston University)

Facilitated Web-Based Instruction and Change Mangement: A Software Migration Case Study. Presented at the ASTD/SALT Interactive Multimedia 2000 Conference, February 2000, Kissimmee, FL

Motivational Elements of Computer-Based Instruction: Teaching Quality Processes using the CANE Model (March 1998, Boston University)

"A Brief Introduction to the Internet." August 1994, As We Are (Boston, MA). Dated -- SPAM had not yet become a household word -- but possibly of historical interest.